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    中考英语作文-My Perfect Day

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    中考英语作文:My Perfect Day

    first, i would have breakfast with queen elizabeth ii in buckingham palace.

    then i would go to the moon with haller borry in my own plane. on the moon i would take photos and sing a song with a microphone.

    after that, i would come back to the earth and show my photos of the moon to my friends.

    i like adventures, so i would go to egypt to see the great pyramids.

    i would go into the pyramids to see the mummies. then i would go to the south pole with an exploration and learn something.

    after that i would climb up the qomolangma and see the sights.

    next i would go to london to make some new english friends. at last, i would go home and sleep for a long time.

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